Melody June​​

​​by Cheryl J. Howell

Dec. 7, 2012

For Melody​​

Roses are red, Sis, 
Violets are blue,
Christmas and birthdays
Love to hear from you.

The rest of the year
What am I to do?
I hope you can see
I’ve been missing you!

When memories fade
Cause it’s been too long,
Barely remember
The sound of your song—

It’s time to make change
And do something new,
Time for reaching out
And touching sweet you.

Haven’t seen you now
It’s been 10 long years,
You may not know me
Should I just appear.

Don’t plan to pop down
Your chimney just yet—
That would be a shock
You may not forget!

Photo by G.W. Grimm-Howell
St. Louis, Missouri
Now you’re a grandma
So exciting, true!
Tell me about it—
Love to hear from you.

Christmas is more fun
With little ones small,
I recall how cute
You were to us all.

Hey, baby sister,
Memories of you
When you were little
Are all I can do.

Please help me out now
Make memories new,
Why not catch up some—
Love to hear from you.

Sweet baby sister
You know I love you—
Wrote this dumb poem
To say that I do!

© 2012 Cheryl J. Howell. All rights reserved.