How Many Tears, Part II

by Cheryl J. Howell
April 26, 2012

Written for Mama

While you are sitting on  that stump,
This is surely a sacred time.
You are not good at holding still,
And letting me love you in rhyme.

Mama, you made me feel special.
In grade school, you said I could write.
"It's OK to be left handed"
Though a lefty was never "right."

I felt that you believed in me,
And I believe you do today.
Thank you, Mama, for loving me
In the important little ways.

I pray you will have more comfort,
With loving words others will say.
You are worthy to receive them,
Even if you don't feel that way.

From baby's first cry, there are tears.
Our tears can speak when we can't talk.
All through our life, tears go with us.
Tell me, how many, as we walk.

© 2012 Cheryl J. Howell. All rights reserved.
Francis Miller Leffler
Asheville, North Carolina
Photo by G.W. Grimm-Howell