by Cheryl J. Howell
August 10, 2012

For Janice Ortel
Janice, Janice, my friend of today.
Janice, my friend of so long ago
All one in the same delightful sum.
I need to tell you, I love you so.

Riches and fame I will never need,
Houses and lands are passing things, too.
These things don't last very long you know,
Not like the love my heart has for you.

From best freinds in the first grade of school
To still friends in this autumn season,
Life prepares for winter's soon coming,
Gathering warm love for that reason.

Though my hair turned gray and I limp some,
​On the inside I'm a better me.
Maybe because of pain and heartache,
God sent His healing to set me free.

My love is deep, much stronger these days,
More joyful and thankful too, my friend.
My call to you was such a joy, dear.
Looking forward to talking again!

God bless my friend I've had fifty years,
Brighten her day however You choose.
Touch her heart in a heavenly hug—
Janice is a friend I will not lose.​

© 2012 Cheryl J. Howell. All rights reserved.
Photo by G.W. Grimm-Howell
Central Indiana