Just Relaxing
by Cheryl J. Howell
Sept. 21, 2012

Hey there is always more to do
Then I can possibly get done.
So I am learning a new found art,
And yes, “relaxing” is the one.

I just practice in my spare time.
I may not get the dishes done,
The laundry and some other things,
But art should be expressed for fun.

I would like to be good at this
There are so many things I’m not.
So how does one learn relaxing?
Hope the lessons don’t cost a lot.

I will listen to the quiet
And enjoy soaking up the peace,
Right here in my retirement chair-
And wish that it would never cease.

But I must need to practice more,
For my endurance is not good.
Muscles get tight and joints get stiff—
I’d enjoy it more—if I could.

© 2012 Cheryl J. Howell. All rights reserved.
Photo by G.W. Grimm-Howell
San Juan, Puerto Rico​